Friday, August 23, 2013

It Really Was An Accident Officer

Recently, I got the bright idea that I'd like to make a few signs out of some old fence board. So I posted on a local for sale site on facebook that I was looking for some. I got quite a few replies, and one family even offered the old boards for free! You can't beat that! So I went over to the alley where they said to pick up the boards. The problem was that I didn't see any of the houses that had an address posted. I went to where I thought was the correct address and I loaded up a nice big fence panel. Then I drove down the alley and saw some people that I knew. I asked them about the address; they said the house I was looking for was on the OTHER side of the street. Oh NO... I asked if they'd come bail me out when the cops came after me for stealing the fence panel. They assured me that they would. I drove around the block and took that fence panel back and put it back exactly where I got it in the first place. I hope nobody saw me loading that thing up.... how embarrassing. I drove across the street and down the correct alley, where I found the boards as the people had posted. I took about a dozen and now have them here at home. I haven't started the signs yet though. Whew, that was a close call... luckily nobody called the cops. :)

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