Friday, December 7, 2012

Impromptu Redo

When the partner in my booth space said that she was going to make a trip into the store tomorrow and she was willing to take my items too, I had to jump on that opportunity and redo a couple of items for her to take in. We live a 2 hour and 15 minute drive outside of the city where we have our booth space. THAT'S why this was such a great opportunity. I didn't have much time so I managed to redo a chair and a footstool, plus create a few "smalls". Here's the original chair... well, I had already removed the red vinyl seat at this point.
I really liked the lines of this chair. I decided to paint it with graphite chalk paint and wax over it with dark wax. I found a perfect fabric for the chair, just from the "stash" that I always have on hand. If your a sewer/crafter like me, I bet you have a "stash" of fabric too! Here's what I came up with.
Since I still had a little time left, I decided to redo an old footstool. This thing was a dirty mess. Here's what I started with:
The tapestry was hand-made and was probably quite pretty at one time. But when I took that off, below it was some old vinyl and LOTS of dirt and dust. Eventually I got down to the wood.
One more time, I looked into my fabric "stash" and found some solid off-white ticking and decided to cover the footstool with that. It was a nice heavy fabric.
Oh, it was pretty exciting as I was able to use some vintage lace that a friend had found at a garage sale and then let me have. I just love that lace! While I was crafting I made a few other items.
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AND.... just in case you'd like to see pictures of our booth. You can find some on our Face Book page here.


  1. love that wood tree and the message!

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  2. Thanks Michele. I'll go check out your giveaway.