Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Since I last posted I've been really busy creating. This last week end I was a vendor at a vintage Flea Market in Overland Park Kansas. I took an entire UHaul trailer full of furniture and other vintage pieces. A while back, on a local for sale site through Face Book, I saw a lovely 3 drawer dresser posted. By the time I inquired about the dresser sombody had beat me to it. Well, a day or so goes by before I hear from the seller that the other interested parties didn't want the chest. So I went to look at it. The chest was cracked across the back, that's why the other people weren't interested. It didn't scare me away, I went ahead a bought the chest. Then got busy repairing it. Here's the finished product:

Here is what the dresser looked like during repairs:

You can see that I did have to hammer the back together, then I glued it and let that set. I also added a patch on the back just to be sure that it stayed together.

Here are the drawers, on these you can see the original color of the wood. I did strip and stain the top and left it natural wood. The drawers were painted with Duck Egg Blue Annie Sloan's chalk paint, and glazed with Valspar mixing glaze and stain.

More projects to come...


  1. Looks great, Kim. It was meant to be that you got the dresser. Some people just can't see through the flaws to see the beauty.

  2. Thanks Maggie! I appreciate your comment. I'm glad I ended up with the dresser.