Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas in "The Kottage"

There are so many people who blog and share so much about their homes and lives. I certainly enjoy reading all of it. I've been able to view some very beautiful homes this way and get inspired from some lovely Christmas decorations. So, I debated whether to share some photos of my home decorated for Christmas. I guess just for the fun of it.... I'm certainly not a professional decorator. After some self conflict, I decided why not. So I hope you enjoy taking a quick look around my house that's decorated for Christmas. I went very natural with the outside decorations this year. Most of the greenery was cut off of a farm by myself and my nephews. Not only is it natural but we all had a great time doing the gathering.

Come on in and take a look around. I have trees in the living room, dining room, staircase landing, family room, and kitchen. They are all "skinny" trees though, so they are easy to put up.

This is the smallest tree, and it's decorated with snowman ornaments.

And, this is my favorite tree.... with Longaberger baskets, beaded silverware, creamers, and burlap ribbon.

This tree has some family ornaments on it and a lot of special teacher ornaments I've accumulated over the years.

This handmade sign in the entryway reminds us of the real importance of Christmas.

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look at some of my Christmas decorations. Hope you each have a blessed Christmas.


  1. Everything is beautiful, but I absolutely love the sled with the wreath by your front door. That caught my eye right away, and I'm definitely stealing that idea for next year!!! Thanks for sharing your home!

  2. Thanks Loribeth! Glad you stopped by to take a look. It's fun to get ideas from on another through blog browsing isn't it?