Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow Day!

Well, I figured it was high time that I make use of that lovely metal ladder that I ordered from Decor Steals. It's been sitting in my entryway for a few weeks now. I'm a school teacher and we had a snow day today. Perfect time to move the ladder and hang some quilts off of it! Of course, I did some other projects too.
I decided to put the ladder with the quilts on it in a bedroom that used to belong to our oldest daughter. It's still where she stays when she comes to visit. I had been storing the quilts in this room on a shelf anyway. This is just a nicer way to display them. All the quilts on the ladder have been handmade by family members. A couple from feed sacks and old clothing during the depression. There are also a couple on the bottom rung that are children's quilts. One is totally hand stitched and falling apart, it belonged to my dad when he was a baby and toddler, made by my grandmother. The other child's quilt on the bottom belonged to my husband and was made by his mom. Each quilt has a story and each has been hand quilted, one is a tied quilt. I still have quite a stack on the shelf. Guess I should have bought two of these ladders. LOL

At a fairly recent auction, I bought a vintage buffet. I just love the lines of this piece of furniture. It needs some help, so that will be one of my next projects. And, just in case my oldest daughter happens to read this.... yes, I plan to make your roman shades first! I'm glad that I always have plenty of projects to occupy my time. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Here's a few shots of the buffet with potential. One of these days I plan to post the "after" shots.

I've ordered some CeCe Caldwell's paint for this project. I usually use Annie Sloan's chalk paint but she just didn't have the colors I was looking for for the buffet. I'm anxious to give this new paint a try.

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