Sunday, January 6, 2013

A special little table....

I have some fabulous friends. A few of them keep me in mind when they go to garage sales or find freebies in soembody's trash heap. A while back one of these special friends stopped by my house with a small wobbly table that she had "scored" at a garage sale. I agreed that it was indeed special and that I could surely do something with it! Here's the table in it's "before" state.
This table proved to be more of a challenge than I imagined. It needed repaired in a strange place; where the spindle attached to the base. So to begin I took it apart and reglued it. It seemed pretty sturdy after that. Then I painted it with Annie Sloan's Graphite paint. While it was sitting on a cloth drying, I tripped on the drop cloth and knocked over the table. Crash, it was broken again. I figured that was a good thing as I didn't want it to break later after I had sold it out of my booth space. So I repaired it again! Which meant I had to wait for the glue to dry.

As I was waiting, I did some thinking about what treatment I could use on that triangular shaped top. I had an idea! A while back I bought some old record books from a church that was closing it's doors. I loved the old handwriting and aged and tattered pages in the book. These were written throughtout the years. I chose some pages that were written in 1904. Nobody writes like that anymore! Some of the script was even in German! (We live in a town that had German settlers.)

So, I cut those beautiful 1904 pages to fit the top of the table, and decopauged them on. I just love it! But..... oops, the base is still al little wobbly. So after the top dried I pulled the bottom apart again. This time I got out the big guns. I drilled a hole in each side that joins together and put a wooden chopstick in the hole. Yes, a girl has to get creative with repairs sometimes. LOL I put some of that foaming Gorilla glue around the hole. After that dried, it was PERFECTLY sturdy. Of course I had to paint over the patch. Then I waxed the painted part with dark wax. And the table turned out beautifully I think.
I took the little table, along with a whole lot of other things, into the store today. I wrote the story about the 1904 paper on the tag. I already had people commenting on the table and the neat little story that accompanied it. So THANK YOU Lona, for this great find! I hope you keep finding unique items for me to redo!

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Well, the table didn't last in the store very long.... that's because I pulled it out. LOL A local art group asked for a donation for their art auction and this piece seemed to fit what they were wanting. So, I donated the table. Tonight at the auction, I was very pleased with the amount the table brought for the art cooperative. A big thanks to the special lady who bought the table.

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  1. Great idea! Thank you for visiting my blog today. Interestingly, I taught science for a long time before I finally got a job teaching Social Studies. It only took me 20 years :)