Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Farm Table

I saw this great round table advertised on a local for sale site but the table was located in a town about a 45 minute drive from where I live. I decided to go ahead and go get it. When I got to the location I immediately knew I wanted that round table but I also saw a larger rectangular table that was disassembled sitting in the corner. Of course I asked about that table too. She said that she would sell it to me. Horray! Two tables on one tank of gas is even better.

Here's a picture of the table once I put it back together:

I first stripped the top and painted the legs black. I really liked the wood in it's natural state, so to finish it I just used Miss Mustard Seed's Hemp Oil. I just love that stuff! Oh, sorry that you can see all the junk in my garage. We've been remodeling our powder room, that's why there is now a toilet being stored in the garage. Once the powder room is complete I'll have to post a few pictures of that. I'm using an antique chest for the vanity. I'm hopeful it'll turn out lovely. Today is the day to strip the old flowered green wallpaper off the walls..... Oops, I'm getting off topic here. Back to the table...

Here's the table all finished and set up in my booth. The china on the table is (of course) vintage, it's a heavy duty Air Force china set.

Oh, that round table I mentioned earlier in this post? I actually did a blog post about that table this past summer. I painted it gray.


  1. love the farm table look. I've been reading back several posts and wanted to comment that I am inspired by your can do attitude.

  2. Thanks, At Rivercrest Cottage! I love a good Do It Yourself project!