Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting Ready for The Children's Discovery Center

Well, I've spent the majority of my day getting ready to share details of my Arctic Expedition with the children at the Discovery Center in Topeka tomorrow. I made a display board with photos and captions. Had my sister-in-law show me how to let young students put together a reindeer head, so I have the supplies for that. Also taking coloring sheets and puzzles and I'm getting ready to make some easy question cards. I'm thinking they can answer a question and get a piece of wrapped candy. Oh, yeah, I'm making a spongy tundra feel station for them to walk in too as I really enjoyed the way the tundra felt at Hamburgbukta. I'll also have my parka and boots there for them to look at and try on if they want. Here's the display board. Hours of work went into this thing even if it doesn't look like it. It took some thought to figure out what to put on the board. Of course I had fun looking through all 3600 pictures that I took on the trip. LOL

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