Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I've been enjoying the beauty of two hydrangea plants this year. It's pretty amazing because I've tried unsuccessfully for YEARS to grow a hydrangea plant. So this year, when the plants were priced at half off and they looked at least half dead, I decided to buy two plants. I brought them home and went about replanting them in some old urns that I had sitting around. I was doing this in the garage and I happened to remember that when I put in my lavender that I was told that it needed good drainage and they sold me some stuff that looked like kitty litter. So I saw an old bag of kitty litter sitting there in the garage and decided to put some of that in the bottom of the pots. Then I sat the pots under the deck on the back of our house so they wouldn't get much sun. FINALLY the plants started blooming and they are looking very nice. Much to my surprise there are at least 3 different colors of blooms on the same plant. Here are a few pictures:

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