Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bathroom spruce up

Last week when I was update a bedroom, I also updated the dressing room off the bedroom and the connected bathroom. A few posts ago I shared the bedroom make over but I haven't shown the bathroom make over yet. I feel a little silly showing a bathroom but hey, that's what this blog world is for... right? To share?
Here's what I started with. Blue walls and a yellow ducky theme.
A full view of the shower curtain. I gathered up all the ducky themed items that I was finished with, advertised them on a local for sale site and sold them within hours. I had the curtain, towels to match, waste paper basket. Some little kid will be thrilled to have these in their bathroom. I know my daughter was when I put them up for her!
I painted the walls the same gray as I used in the bedroom. I used all white accessories just like I did in the bedroom too. Kind of a shabby chic flair. This looks so much more grown up than the ducks. LOL
You know I love to use these vintage children's chairs in my decor. This one is holding a towel as it is sitting on a long counter.
This is a vintage print that I just love, the colors were just right for this room. I have it hanging in the dressing room area. The dressing room is just a very small space... it has the sink, and counter plus a door that leads to the walk in closet. Thanks for taking a look!

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