Sunday, August 26, 2012

For my sunflower lovin' friends

I can't stop looking out the back windows of our house. The sunflowers around our house are now blooming and it's just so darn pretty. So here are a few pictures I took while standing on our back deck.
Of course, just looking at the sunflowers from the back deck wasn't good enough. After all, the flowers were facing east and I was viewing their back side. So I put on my muck books, yes, with my shorts.... quite the fashion statement.... and I headed out to the field. Well, I couldn't just cut straight across the field through the sunflowers, so I had to walk around the long way and stay in the water ways. Thank goodness we don't have many close neighbors who might see me in my fashion attire! But after much walking, I did get some more sunflower pictures that I'd like to share with you.
You can see the side of our house in this last picture. In addition to seeing the beautiful scenery, I learned a lesson. Don't wear muck boots without socks, you'll get blsiters... which I did.

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