Monday, July 23, 2012

A View from the Bedroom Window

The last post I made showed some furniture I was redoing. That was in a bedroom that our oldest daughter occupied when she lived at home, and where she still stays when she comes home to visit. That bedroom has a nice set of windows and a wonderful view of part of the back yard and the fields behind our home. While I was working on the furniture for that room our farmer came to mow the back field and bale it. I thought to myself, "yep, he's mowing our parking lot." When daughter #1 gets married at the end of September we're having the reception in our side yard and this field is where I intend to have the guest park. Let's just hope it doesn't rain a lot right before or during the big day and turn muddy. Of course, right now we REALLY do need the rain and I wouldn't mind some mud. It's terribly dry. Here are a couple of pictures of the view out the back bedroom.

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  1. Those bales are enormous! I remember driving home to Idaho after a long time away and the little tiny bales had become quadruple the size and I was blown away. Funny, the things you notice. How exciting to be planning a wedding!