Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another landscape border bed - complete (for now)

Lately I've been doing a lot of yard work. You may be wondering why I'd be attempting that in this heat. Well, knowing that you'll be having a wedding reception in your yard tend to drive the improvements! Today's little project was putting mulch all around some forsythia bushes. I'm tired of having to try to maneuver the riding lawn mower between these bushes anyway. I used a method that is ecologically friendly. I dug a little trench around where I wanted the flower bed to be, then I placed newspapers all over the grass... I used at least 3 layers, I wet the newspapers as I went to keep them from blowing. Then I mulched right over the top of the newspapers. I mean, a THICK layer of mulch. This should be enough to do away with the grass and now I won't have to try to drive the mower between the bushes! Here's the beginning:
And the end result:
Here's a picture of my very first hibiscus flower from this plant this season. I just planted these hibiscus from the roots that a neighbor gave me from her yard. I'm happy they are blooming this year. I hope they continue!
Now that I've done some work I'm going to go have some fun! There are a couple of garage sales that start this afternoon. I'm going!!!

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