Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chrome Chair Redo

So what am I stil doing up at this hour after such an early morning? Guess I just got so enthused by Fox Hollow Cottage's linky post over on Face Book that I couldn't sleep. Plus I find browsing the net for new ideas very inspiring and relaxing. I was busy today with an insurance class and in addition to that have been painting a bedroom.... a reveal will be coming when I'm all done. But I still wanted to share on the blog. So I'm posting a project I did a while back. I was in a small neighboring town a while back for a meeting when I spied a chrome table and four very neglected chairs sitting on the curb. I told the friend that was with me that if that set was still there after the meeting I was going to check in to it. Sure enough, there it was, hours later still on the curb. So I walked up to the house, crept across a creaky front porch and bravely knocked on the door. A lady eventually answered and told me that sure I could take what was out on the curb. When I heard that my friend and I didn't waste any time. We got the car and began to load. It was a little more difficult than I thought it would be as I had forgotten to take out the items from my last junking adventure treasure hunt. But, we did get all the pieces to fit in the back of the Explorer. Here's a few before and after pictures.
Here are the sad looking chairs in their "before" state.
Here are the chairs in their "after" condition. I didn't change anything at all about the table. I just cleaned it up and tightened the legs. This set, once put into our booth, sold pretty quickly. The person who bought it said they were happy that I didn't try to paint the chrome on the table. They liked it in it's original state. Believe me, I considered painting it and then decided not to. Glad that someone is now enjoying this neat little set. It makes me happy to have saved this set from going to the dump. :) Linked to Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Friday Party.

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