Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bridal Shower

Today was the bridal shower for my oldest daughter. I volunteered to make some cookies for the shower. Darn that Pinterest.... for showing some REALLY cute cookies. So my preparation started weeks ago with ordering the supplies. Three different types of cookie cutters, decorating tips, bags, sprinkles, etc... On Friday I began by baking the cookies early in the morning. I made two batches of cut out sugar cookies. Easy enough. Then it took 3 recipes of Royal Icing to frost those babies. And I don't know how many HOURS to decorate them. Luckily I had a couple of friends who came in about the time I was ready to drop and saved the day by helping to decorate the remaining cookies. The shower was great! We had a nice turn out, people had a good time (at least I think they did), the food was delicious, and my daughter was thrilled with her gifts. It was so nice of our youngest daughter to throw this for her sister. Here's a few pictures of the shower, and of course those labor intensive cookies.
Oh, just in case you were wondering about that abstract picture in the background... we had the shower at a local art center. These types of drawings were all over the walls so we just left them in place.
Left: Mother of the Groom Middle: Bride-to-be Right: Mother of the Bride (that's me)
Here are a few pictures of the Pinterest inspired cookies. They turned out ok but boy were they work!!

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